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About Me

Hi Fiber Enthusiasts,

I'm Terri an independent yarn dyer and yarn company owner. I live in the Albany, NY area where I moved 5 years ago to be near my children and grandchildren.   I have a studio set up in my basement including a dye area and a yarn display area.  At this time I am dying yarn 2-3 days a week, labeling, paperwork, and babysitting (while the yarn is drying).  When I am not in the studio I am spending time with friends and family (especially my 3 grandsons). I welcome any questions that you have for me and I love collaborating with local yarn shops and designers for special projects. 


We maintain the highest level of cleanliness in the making, handling, and shipping of all products.  We purposely ship in plastic envelopes to avoid issues and allow customer to disinfect any contaminants that may be on the envelope during the shipping process. 

Environmentally Conscious 

As I am working I do my best to reuse, recycle, and limit waste.  I reuse the dye bath and rinse water as much as possible.  I use recycled paper stock for my labels.


Most orders ship within 2-3 business days, special orders take 1-2 weeks.  Please email me if you would like any of your ordered wound.  

Returns and Exchanges

I will accept most returned items in original condition.  Special orders are subject to a restocking fee based on the resale potential.    Refunds will be based on product price (shipping costs excluded) Exchanges will be made based on stock available.  I will work hard to maintain your confidence in my products and service.

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