Fingering Weight

Fingering Weight Yarns are great for many projects from shawls to sweater.  Most of my fingering weight yarns are Merino with or without other fibers.  Below are some of the yarns that i carry with description and some projects that have been complete with these yarns.  

 Woo-Light – Fingering Weight – 448 yards / 90 gm – 100%  Superwash Merino - This yarn is perfect for shawls and light weight garments.  A subtle twist in the yarn gives it a loftier feel to the fabric. This fiber adsorbs colors very well and can range from very light to very vibrant colors.   This fiber works great for fades or variegated colors offering many options for your knitting needs.  

Bam Woo Light – Fingering Weight 65% Merino Superwash – 35% Bamboo.  Skein is 448 yards and is about 90 gm

I have made a yarn shop sample “Heart of Glass” by Mary Amarella.  For the short sleeve version it required 2 skeins and 3 skeins for the long sleeve.  This is was also use for the On the Spice market Kit. 

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