Where Can you Find WKNC Yarn?

4-20-2020 - During this unprecedented time many yarn shops have closed their doors to the public.   Some shops are offering curbside service but this will still not cover all of their operating expenses.  To help them out I will be sending them a wholesale commission on all sale from my website.  They can use this money to pay bills, rent, or any other expenses (no strings attached)  Without these businesses  I do not have a business, and you do not have a friendly place to knit and learn with your fiber friends.  Please add a comment when you order to  let us know which yarn shop you would like receive a credit. 

 Common Thread Saratoga now carries WKNC yarns, Kits, and CAM Design Accessories  

Common Thread Saratoga is a comfortable and friendly place to come for all of your fiber arts needs.

508 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY  12866.  



 Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea Shop now carries WKNC yarns 

You will be surprised at how many beautiful items we carry in our cheerful neighborhood store

50 Market street, NY  12477.  



 CeCe's Wool

IT's not just Wool, It's a way of life

Hamilton Square Mall, 2080 Western Ave., Guilderland, NY 12084




*only applies to independently owned yarn shops. (no big box stores)

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